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86 Appaloosa Journal January 2019 All-Time Leading Money Earning Sires: 1962-1990 − Starting with the end of the 1985 racing season, the Racing Chart Books have included All-Time listings through 1986, 1987, 1989, and the data will provide shortly through 1990. Part XV(c) will continue these All-Time updates after 1990. − With only one exception in the 1990 data, the Top Ten All- Time Leading Sires were the same as the Top Ten through 1985, although rankings within the Top Ten changed. Why did they change? Primarily because of increased earnings from more starters for several of the stallions between 1985 and 1990. (Note: More accurate comparative data analysis is lim- ited because the number of starters per sire was not included in the All-Time rankings until the data through 1987.) − Although the All-Time Leading Sires data through 1990 iden- tifies 55 stallions, we've included below only the Top 32, the same number in that first comprehensive listing through 1985. 1. Apache Double: 184 starters, $1,568,960. 2. Bull Nunneley: 179 starters, $1,377,221. 3. Easy We Go: 143 starters, $1,069,804. 4. Deep South: 144 starters, $861,941. 5. Mr. Spotted Bull: 180 starters, $848,224. 6. Time Flies: 100 starters, $603,876l. 7. Easy Jet (QH): 21 starters, $473,071. 8. Brent Lea: 42 starters, $459,350. 9. Moon Lark (QH): 23 starters, $414,925. 10. Scooter Bug G.: 106 starters, $394,539. 11. Dust'Em: 55 starters, $275,290. 12. Splash Plaudit: 24 starters, $264,810. 13. Will Win (TB): 8 starters, $262,084. 14. Take By Storm (TB): 3 starters, $260,798. 15. Straw Bug: 45 starters, $258,966. 16. Murrtheblurr (TB): 15 starters, $221,081. 17. Vikingson (TB): 12 starters, $220,639. 18. Chant's World: 44 starters, $204,135. 19. Notcho: 14 starters, $195,911. 20. Bugs Alive In 75 (QH): 18 starters, $195,836. 21. Right Of Way: 10 starters, $191,485. 22. Manny T. (TB): 10 starters, $185,839. 23. Rock Bottom Red: 26 starters, $184,578. 24. Jim J. (TB): 6 starters, $183,658. 25. Private World (TB): 20 starters, $176,799. 26. Bar-T's Man: 18 starters, $173,959. 27. Current Concept (TB): 22 starters, $173,775. 28. Navajo Breeze: 32 starters, $167,962. 29. I Love Willie: 26 starters, $161,013. 30. Gin Jitters: 10 starters, $157,907. 31. On Cloud Nine: 49 starters, $155,897. 32. King Harry (TB): 18 starters, $148,233. Analysis − Splash Plaudit was the Top Ten rankings only major change between 1985's and 1990's All-Time listings, dropping from 10th to 12th. For both time frames, Apache Double maintained his No. 1 ranking. − The Quarter Horse stallion Moon Lark essentially replaced Splash Plaudit in the 1990 Top 10 All-Time rankings, entering the list for the first time at No. 9. His first foal to race was Lark's Delight, by the award-winning mare Easy Delight. Racing in 1983, Lark won $20,028. Although more Moon babies were racing from 1983 through 1989, he produced only 9 starters for the 1987 season and a lifetime total of only 16 through 1989, earning a ranking of No. 11. With 7 more racing in 1990, he finally entered the All-Time Top Ten. − Straw Bug is one of the more interesting "climbers" between 1985 and 1990. With only 1 starter to his credit in 1983 and several more in 1984/1985, he ranked 32nd on that first All- Time 1985 list but rose to 15th in 1990 with 45 starters. − Right of Way is even more interesting. His first babies began racing in 1989, 6 starters including primary money-earner First Rights. The 1989 All-Time Sires list ranked 44 stallions. "Right" didn't make that list. The next year however, with four more starters, he achieved a first-time ranking of No. 21. His story was merely beginning, one we'll examine more carefully in XV(c). − The Thoroughbred stallion Vikingson is another captivating story. Ranked 28th All-Time through 1985, he jumped to 13th All-Time with only 12 starters through 1989 and slipped to 17th in 1990, again with only 12 starters. The Dollars Earned is the real story. All-Time through 1985, $88,618; through 1987, $134,940, and through 1990, $220,639. − How did some of the legends-to-be and Top Tenners through 1985 maintain their status through 1990? Not simply because of additional earnings, but more importantly, the increase in the number of their foals going to the track. Examples docu - ment the explanation. (Note: Since starter numbers were not included in the 1985 All-Time rankings, we begin with their num - bers through 1987, the first year they were included in rankings.) Apache Double , 117 starters in 1987 and 184 in 1990; Bull Nunneley , 109 starters in 1987 and 179 in 1990; Easy We Go , 99 in 1987 and 143 in 1990; Deep South , 114 in 1987 and 144 in 1990; Mr. Spotted Bull, 155 in 1987 and 180 in 1990. − Are the highest ranked All-Time Leading Money Earning Stallions necessarily the best or greatest producers of racehorses? Recogniz - ing the possibility of generating some controversy but after hav- ing delved into the records of a countless number of stallions to a greater degree than has here-to-for been conducted, we think the above question cannot and should not be answered with a simple yes or no. The greats like Apache Double and Bull Nun - neley clearly deserve the recognition they've been granted over the years. However, although having produced far more starters, mon - ey earners, and major stakes winners than other stallions ranked much lower, the earnings from many of their starters were very meager at best, yet contributed to overall sire earnings. The num - bers make a considerable difference. Other stallions with far fewer starters and dollar earners none-the-less produced very impressive records. For some, their starter to winners ratio was very close to a 1 to 1 relationship. Nearly all their starters were winners. To the point: When records are examined far more closely and carefully, looking beyond dollars earned, some of the "best" stallions were never among at least the Top 5 or 10 All-Time Leading Dollar Earners yet their fewer babies won major prestigious races and ERC awards. They are clearly deserving candidates for inclusion in the top tier along with the likes of Apache Double, Bull Nunneley, Easy We Go, Mr. Spotted Bull and the others. We'll come back to this issue with names and more data in XV(c).

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