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JAN 2019

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RACING HISTORY: PART XV(b) 83 6. Time Flies: $462,880. 7. Scooter Bug G.: $370,223. 11. Rock Bottom Red: $184,578. 13. Chant's World: $151,452. 15. Ocala Flight: $138,082. 17. Noble Kingdom (TB): $116,290. 18. Olympia Site (TB): $112,878. 19. On Cloud Nine: $109,063. 22. King Harry (TB): $101,814. 23. Jim J. (TB): $95,606. 25. Roman's Straw Man: $93,861. 26. Macarthur Park (TB): $92,773. 28. Vikingson (TB): $88,618. 29. Zepana Bull: $85,875. 30. Mister Clyde: $85,803. 32. Straw Bug: $80,206. Observations: − 12 stallions from the 1962-1978 era were still All-Time ranked through 1985 and were identified in the previous section. − 20 stallions, listed above, were newcomers to the All-Time rankings. With some exceptions, most of the babies from these newbies didn't begin their racing careers until the early to mid 1980s. The Leading Sires: Year by Year 1979-1990 The data below has been compiled from each year's Racing Chart Books and identifies the leading sires in three categories, Dollars Earned, Most Wins, and Most Winners. Although we'll begin with a year by year chronology for Dollars Earned and the number of starters that year for the respective stallion, the sec - tion detailing Wins and Winners is organized quite differently for reasons that will be obvious. Leading Sires-Dollars Earned 1979: Scooter Bug G., 14 starters with earnings of $97,555. 1980: Apache Double, 36 starters, $129,530. 1981: Apache Double, 24 starters, $152,306. 1982: Deep South, 19 starters, $170,148. 1983: Apache Double, 37 starters, $200,883. 1984: Easy We Go: 32 starters, $226,843. 1985: Bull Nunneley: 38 starters, $251,294. 1986: Take By Storm (JC): 1 starter, Blowing Easy, $135,343. 1987: Bull Nunneley: 35 starters, $116,209. 1988: Will Win (JC): 3 starters, $134,003, mostly from So Long Folks. 1989: Bull Nunneley: 44 starters, $200,287. 1990: Bull Nunneley: 32 starters, $191,849. Observations: − Through the 12 years included, 7 different stallions were Leading Sires of Dollar Earners. − Two stallions, Apache Double and Bull Nunnely, led the way for seven of the 12 years. Interestingly, Apache Dust 'Em's first foals began racing in 1982 (two starters) but didn't begin moving their sire up the All-Time Leading Sire's ladder until far more began competing in the late 1980s and well beyond, with several still competing in 2007. The All-Time Leading Dollar Earning Sires ranking from 1962 through 1987 marked his first time to be listed, 23rd with 26 starters earning $135,180. By the end of our cur- rent era under examination, Dust 'Em had jumped to 11th on the All-Time listing 1962-1990, with 55 starters producing earnings of $275,290. More on this under- rated and underappreciated stallion in our upcoming XV-c edition, for his later and more famous award-winning starters produced earnings that nearly doubled the earnings through 1990. Honor Dustem winning his first stakes race, the 1986 Yakima Meadows Appaloosa Juvenile Stakes. One of Dust 'Em's early starters, Honor finished 2nd in two tough Northwest Futuries, Fun Sun at Sun Downs and Waitsburg. His first year ended with two prestigious awards, the 1986 Washington State Appaloosa Racing Association Leading 2 year old Colt and the ERC's title, Champion 2 year old Sprint Colt. Sir Dust 'Em on the left and WW Dustem on the right, two more Dust 'Em early outstanding starters. "Sir" was his sire's Leading Dollar Earner though 1990. He won the 1984 Yakima Meadows Juvenile Spring Stakes, Yakima Meadows Juvenile Sunset Stakes, ending 1984 with the Oregon Racing Association's award for High Point 2 year old Gelding. Returning to Yakima Meadows in 1985 and 1986, he became a two time winner of the Yakima Meadows Senior Spring Stakes. Like his counterpart, WW Dustem won the 1985 Yakima Meadows Juvenile Spring Stakes, the 1986 Fun Sun Derby, and ended 1986 with the Washington State Appaloosa Racing Association's award for Leading 3 year old Gelding. For their lifetimes, Sir won $29,159 and WW, $18,021.

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