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JAN 2019

Appaloosa Journal is the official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the international registry for the Appaloosa horse.

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Appaloosa Horse Club ~ (208) 882-5578 ~ Foal date to 24th month foal date: Appaloosa X Appaloosa $50.00 Appaloosa X Approved Outcross $150.00 After 24th month foal date and thereafter Appaloosa X Appaloosa $75.00 Appaloosa X Approved Outcross $500.00 250.00 RUSH FEES: Rush (10 day) $50.00 Special Attention Rush (48 hours) $100.00 REGISTRATION PROTEST FEES: Parentage $1000.00 Classification or Status $500.00 SHOW PROTEST FEES: $500.00 APPEAL FEES: Registration $500.00 Show $500.00 RACE FEES: Race Starters Fee $15.00 30.00 Late Race Starters Fee $100.00 125.00 Race Medallion Permit $100.00 125.00 Race Medallion Permit Late Fee $100.00 150.00 SHOW FEES: Show Approval per Judge (100+ days prior) $25.00 (50-99 days prior) $25.00 50.00 (30-49 days prior) $25.00 100.00 ACAAP Program/PAC Enrollment (Member) $35.00 ACAAP Program/PAC Enrollment (Non-Member) $70.00 TRAIL & DISTANCE FEES: Trail Ride Approval $25.00 Saddle Log Annual Fee $25.00 Distance Program Enrollment (one time per horse) $35.00 Distance Program Annual Recording Fee (per horse) $10.00 Distance Program Late Recording Fee (per year per horse) $75.00 JUDGES' FEES Judges Card Renewal Fee (Annual) $35.00 Judge Re-instatement Fee $100.00 Unless otherwise indicated, the following fees are the same for ApHC members and non-members: CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE (ALL ORDERS): 3% Duplicate Official Handbook of the ApHC $5.00 DNA Test Kit $60.00 DNA & HYPP Test Kit $100.00* *Refer to Official Handbook of ApHC for DNA & HYPP rules. HYPP Test $50.00 HYPP Test on Stored Sample $50.00 Postmortem DNA Test Attempt (Contact ApHC office) DNA Waiver filing AQHA, JC, AHA (per horse) $20.00 30.00 (Must have DNA on file with affiliated registry) Tattoo Fee $65.00 100.00 Inspection per day $200.00 Inspection per ½ day $100.00 Parentage Exclusion Analysis (per hour) $25.00 50.00 Application for Advancement from N/C to Regular $30.00 50.00 (non-refundable) Duplicate Certificate of Registration $30.00 50.00 Correction of Certificate of Registration $30.00 50.00 Horse Name Change $100.00 (if eligible) CHANGE TO GELDING: Certificate stamped No charge New Certificate of Registration $30.00 50.00 (current photographs required) LEASE AGREEMENT FILING FEE: $30.00 FAX FEES: $5.00 first 3 pages, $1.00 each additional page COMPUTER FLAGGING FEE: (per horse) $25.00 50.00 (contact ApHC office, expires after one year) OFFICE CHARGES: (per application) $30.00 (closing transaction on incomplete applications) Invoicing fee $20.00 (applies only to work received without appropriate form of payment) PEDIGREES/STATISTICS: 5-generation pedigree $15.00 4-generation color pedigree $20.00 4-generation race/show pedigree $25.00 3-generation race/show/color pedigree $25.00 COMPUTER PRINTOUTS: Get of Sire (per horse) $5.00 Produce of Dam (per horse) $5.00 Sire/dam statistics (per horse) $5.00 National points records (per exhibitor or horse) $5.00 PRIORITY RETURN SHIPPING: (U.S. Residents only) (Contact ApHC office for more information) UPS Next Day Prevailing Rate US Postal Express Mail Prevailing Rate Certified Prevailing Rate PERFORMANCE PERMIT (see ApHC Handbook for requirements) OTHER RELATED SERVICES All prices subject to change without notice 79

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