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JAN 2019

Appaloosa Journal is the official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the international registry for the Appaloosa horse.

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Appaloosa Horse Club ~ (208) 882-5578 ~ Fillies and Colts: Foal date to 6th month foal date $30.00 After 6th month foal date to 12th month foal date $65.00 After 12th month foal date to 24th month foal date $115.00 125.00 After 24th month foal and thereafter $150.00 160.00 Example: If foal is born March 5, the member has until September 5 of year foaled to have the registration application postmarked and to register foal for the $30 member fee. Pedigreed Geldings after 6th month foal date $60.00 75.00 (must meet ApHC bloodline requirements) Hardship Registration – Geldings / Spayed mares $125.00 160.00 Re-Registration (Non-ApHC) $100.00 175.00 Re-Registration (ApHC) $100.00 International Registration Incentive Program (IRIP) $50.00 Foundation Pedigree Designation $30.00 (non-refundable) Generation Advancement Program $30.00 (non-refundable) Transfer of Ownership $20.00 25.00 (based on buyer membership; includes track transfers) Correction of Transfer $30.00 (based on buyer membership) ONE-TIME LISTING FEE: (stallions and mares) $75.00 Registered with: Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Arabian (Must provide a copy of the front & back of the horse's Certificate of Registration) STALLION REPORT FEES: Stallion Report: $30.00 (postmarked on or before Nov. 30th of breeding year –fee non-refundable) plus each mare $5.00 Late Filing Fee $30.00 50.00 (postmarked on or before Nov. 30th of breeding year –fee non-refundable) Adding mare(s) to Stallion Report (per mare) $10.00 Photocopy of Stallion Breeding Report (per page) $5.00 TRANSPORTED/FROZEN SEMEN: Frozen Semen Retention Permit $75.00 Retention Permit Transfer Fees $20.00 25.00 (must be purchased before horse is sold) EMBRYO/OOCYTE TRANSFER: Mare Enrollment $175.00 Late Enrollment: After Collection/Prior to Foaling $35.00 After Foaling $60.00 Frozen Embryo Retention Permit $75.00 Retention Permit Transfer Fees $20.00 25.00 (in addition to mare enrollment fee, must be purchased before horse is sold) Unless otherwise indicated, the fees below reflect ApHC Member Advantage prices and are based on a current year ApHC membership ending on December 31st. If, for any reason, you are not an ApHC member and do not wish to become an ApHC member, please submit your request in writing, along with current member fees and an additional $100.00 non-member surcharge per application. MEMBERS MEMBERS App A loos A Horse Club 2019 Fee Schedule Lifetime $600.00 650.00 (Journal subscription included during first year; Online Journal access thereafter) Youth One-time Membership $100.00 (Applicable through the year the Youth is 18 years of age as of January 1st. This is a non-voting membership.) Individual 3-Year Membership $155.00 170.00 Individual $60.00 65.00 Couple $105.00 115.00 Family $120.00 130.00 Youth Association $15.00 (If purchased separate from a family membership) Non-Pro Enrollment $15.00 20.00 MEMBERSHIP FEES (All prices subject to change without notice) REGISTRATION FEES (Verified by postmarked date) 78

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