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JAN 2019

Appaloosa Journal is the official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the international registry for the Appaloosa horse.

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ceo NORMAN WIEMKEN has been around Appa- loosas for about 16 years after meeting Tim Barnes and his family and currently works at Cedar Springs Farm in Illinois. He is a Mili- tary Veteran (Army) and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management. Norman is known in the ApHC community for his up- beat support, positive outlook—and cooking skills. contributors DR. REBECCA BELLONE is the Associate Di- rector of Education and Outreach at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory and Associ- ate Adjunct Professor in the Department of Population Health and Reproduction at the School of Veterinary Medicine University of California - Davis where she studies the genetics of both pigmentation and ocular disorders in horses. 4 Appaloosa Journal January 2019 LARRY & KAREN WILLIAMS run a professional photography and graphic design business and are long-time supporters of the equine industry. Larry Williams Photography is the official photographer of the Appaloosa Horse Club. A Page Turning another s we flip the calendar to another year of equine activities, I need to first say "thank you" to all Appaloosa Horse Club members for belonging and being involved. There really is no better support group than folks who share a passion and respect for our breed. I remain in awe of the fact that we can celebrate 80 years of history as an organi- zation. Importantly, I am more enthused than you might think about the next 80 because there is good evidence of a serious commitment within the network. We know that it takes everyone at every level to make things happen. Individuals, regional clubs, international partners and the full range of sponsors and donors are all critical to any advances we make. Granted, we sometimes get in our own way by either making things more complicated than they need to be or by grabbing a bright idea before understanding all its implica- tions. I believe the key to any kind of forward motion is in developing and working within a culture of shared values and purpose. We certainly can't always agree, but if we can honestly say our efforts are focused on the most good for the most people, we can ac- complish much. It is no secret that our business is changing and that the economics of horse ownership is definitely part of our challenge in attracting new people to the circle. As a breed registry, we continue to deal with different perceptions about the value of reg- istration papers. The show world is changing from breed-specific to a variety of options that may or may not require an exhibitor to have a registered horse. Recreational riding, competitive trail and distance are in the same category. We certainly need to identify and understand the shifting trends in all disciplines and all types of activities so that our Ap- paloosas and our organization can maintain their place in the industry. Adjustments are always needed in order to keep pace with change or to create new op- tions and opportunities. You will, no doubt, notice some of the incremental fee increases put in place for 2019. We hope you will also notice that some fees have decreased. Among other changes, we will be combining a few issues of the Journal in order to better align our coverage with the flow of events and activities. There will be some cost savings, but the shift also relates to making the best use of a variety of communications and mar- keting tools offered by the combined power of print and digital messaging. In case you were waiting for the membership reminder, don't forget that there is truly strength in numbers, both for you and for the association. It's never too late to give that gift of membership to one more Appaloosa enthusiast! Steve Taylor CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER A P P A L O O S A H O R S E C L U B The next 80 starts wh you... R E N E W N O W ! est. 1938

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