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JAN 2019

Appaloosa Journal is the official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the international registry for the Appaloosa horse.

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156 Appaloosa Journal December 2018 directors & committees 2018 ApHC Board Committees Planning & Review Sean Schembri – Chair Lesli Glen Ken Johnson Wiebe Lise Ray Burchett Rules Paula Gatewood – Chair Debby Letham Mary Ann Page Megan Disselkoen Lesli glen Terie Clark Regional Clubs/ International Lesli Glen – Chair Megan Disselkoen Teri Clark Wiebe Lise Billy Ready Show Kevin Griner – Chair Debby Letham Mary Ann Page Terie Clark Ray Burchett Billy Ready Judges Debby Letham – Chair Mary Ann Page Megan Disselkoen Paula Gatewood Ken Johnson Wiebe Lise Non-Pro/Youth Ken Johnson – Chair Mary Ann Page Megan Disselkoen Paula Gatewood Kevin Griner Billy Ready Breeders Terie Clark – Chair Mary Ann Page Sean Schembri Lesli Glen Ray Burchett Sale/Stallion Service Auction Sean Schembri – Chair Paula Gatewood Lesli Glen Terie Clark Billy Ready Membership Billy Ready – Chair Sean Schembri Kevin Griner Wiebe Lise Ray Burchett Trail Ray Burchett – Chair Megan Disselkoen Paula Gatewood Lesli glen Ken Johnson Billy Ready Executive Race Tom Hodges Debby Letham Terie Clark Ken Johnson Kevin Griner Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center Board Mike Fredrickson - Pres. Iola Hatley - Sec. Lynette Thompson - Tres. Nicolette Farenbaugh Craig Hatley Juli Thorson Steve Taylor Lauren McCleary Marti Fulfs Appaloosa Youth Foundation Kim Kvamme - Pres ident (208) 522-2592 Edith Stanger - Pres. Emeritus Specialty Associations Appaloosa Cutting Horse Association Contact: Dannica Percevich (605) 641-1596 Appaloosa Game Horse Association Contact: Destiny Zeiders (717) 436-6635 Appaloosa Pleasure Horse Association Contact: Wilburn Archer (705) 930-5134 Wendy Aregood-Lindsey (817) 798-3606 Appaloosa Reining Horse Association Contact: Robin Broughton (262) 909-0628 Executive Committee Tom Hodges – President Debby Letham – VP Mary Ann Page Sean Schembri Megan Disselkoen Paula Gatewood Finance Megan Disselkoen – Chair Debby Letham Ken Johnson Kevin Griner Wiebe Lise Marketing Mary Ann Page – Chair Sean Schembri Paula Gatewood Kevin Griner Ray Burchett

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