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DEC 2018

Appaloosa Journal is the official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the international registry for the Appaloosa horse.

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OUT & ABOUT 83 cally, it's five days of riding, having your meals catered and being entertained. Riding those trails affords the opportunity to see scenery and wild animals that you would not see from a windshield. It's difficult to explain the thrill of the adventure and sense of accomplishment when you have ridden some re- mote, challenging mountain trail. The ultimate reward is making lifelong friends from across the United States. It doesn't matter what walk of life you come from, trail riders have that common bond in their love of their animals. It has been during some of those challenging situations that I have learned to appreciate those folks who have supported us riders. The trail bosses spend countless hours planning the event. The scouts keep us safe, help everyone out when trouble arises and generally keeps us from getting lost on. The ride physician, veterinarian and farrier deal with all sorts of illness, injury and shoe issues. Other support staff prepare our food, keep our camps in order, pack necessary gear and entertains us. I would like to thank each and every one of them for all they do on behalf of us "real" trail riders. Personally, I would like to thank my sister, Viane, for riding those 50 ApHC-sanctioned rides with me. She has been the consummate planner organizing our itinerary before we leave home, plotting the routes to drive, making overnight arrange- ments and picking fuel stops. All in all, I greatly admire the elegance and beauty of the trail class participants. Admittedly, the "real" trail riding is oc- casionally not so glamorous, but it offers tremendous rewards and personal satisfaction. I encourage all Appaloosa owners to give it a try and come join us in the woods or on the mountain. Just pack a slicker for those not-so-glamorous days! We would love to see new faces on the trails. ~ Vicki Evenson

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