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DEC 2018

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RACING HISTORY: PART XV(a) 73 − Only four of the Top 20 were Leading Sires who produced the Most Winners during any given season: Navajo Britches, five winners in 1966 and tied with Apache King S. with four in 1967; War Don tied with Wild Hope for Most Winners in 1967, five each; Wild Hope dominated the 1962 through 1978 era with six winners in 1974, 12 in 1975, 11 in 1976, and 8 in 1977; Brent Lea led all stallions in 1978 with 7 winners. − The Leading Sires with Most Wins data was not included in yearly data until 1972. Once again, only four of the Top 20 Money Earners were yearly Leaders with Most Wins: Apollo with 8 in 1972; War Don, 17 in 1973; Navajo Breeze, 16 in 1974 and 15 in 1978; Wild Hope, 26 in 1975, 20 for 1976, and 22 in 1977. − Notice which stallion was not a Leading Sire with Most Winners or Most Wins, the era's Leading Money Earning Sire, Easy Jet. His first babies went to the track in 1973 and 7 of them had competed by the end of our first era in 1978. − Research continues for answers to two interest - ing questions: How frequently does a stallion rank at or near the top as a Leading Money Earning Sire yet does not even rank anywhere near the top as a Leader of Winners and Wins? To what extent is a stallion's value as a sire mea - sured almost exclusively by Money Earned with- out major consideration given to his ability to produce winners, given the absence of any All- Time Leading lists for both Most Winners and Most Wins? Are these questions even appropri - ate or relevant to building a racing industry? − Why do so many stallions rank among the Leading Money Earning Sires but not Leaders Most Winners/Wins and vice-versa? An inter- esting question for later discussion. The Yearly Leaders − The six stallions among the Top 20 All-Time Leading Sires who were also the Leading Mon- ey Earning Sire any given year were identified in the previous section. They covered nine of the years in our time frame. None of the re- maining 14 stallions were the top Leader any particular year although some were ranked. (Note: The number of Leaders listed in the yearly Chart Books was very inconsistent, and sometimes included the Top 5 and other times, the Top 10 to 15). − The following stallions were in fact the Top Money Earning Sires for the seven years we've yet to address. Note that none of these horses were among the Top 20 All-Time Leading Sires from 1962 through 1978. The reasons for their absence will be explained by the additional information included for each of them—they Navajo Breeze, 3rd leading dollar-earning son of Navajo Britches after winning a 5 furlong race by 3 1/2 lengths at Santa Rosa in 1970. The stallion's first foals started racing in 1972. By the end of 1978 their earnings for one of our breed's most photo-genic horses had ranked him 4th among the Top 20 All-Time Leading Money Earning Sires. Drum & Fife, regarded by some as the best of all Navajo Breeze racing sons and daughters, was his sire's leading money earner. Competing for four seasons 1978-1981, the stallion earned two ApHC racing awards, Champion 3-year-old Colt in 1979 and in 1980, Champion 4 & older Colts & Horses. The now legendary Mr. Spotted Bull raced for only one season and is pictured here in a rare photo from his racing days after winning the 1973 Oklahoma Futurity. Following his last race, a 3rd-place finish in the Finals of the World Wide Futurity, he began a stud career that produced so many winners that by the end of 2017, he was ranked 7th on the list of All-Time Leading Money Earning sires. Like his sire Mr. Spotted Bull, Bull Nunneley raced only one season, finishing 1977 with 6 wins, 2 place from 8 starts, including this very rare racing photo of his win over Time To Fly Home and Stayready Bull in the Oklahoma Futurity. Also like his sire, he would eventually rank very high on Leading Sire lists from different eras and by the end of 2017, was ranked 3rd behind Geneo JJ and Apache Double, All-Time Leading Sires of Money Earners.

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