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DEC 2018

Appaloosa Journal is the official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the international registry for the Appaloosa horse.

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Since 1984, BOB LAPP has served the ApHC at every level from regional support to serv- ing on the national board of directors. An accomplished horseman, he also took an in- terest in the history of the breed. His associa- tion with George Hatley, Bob Blair, and other pillars of the breed have aided his on-going research into general history and particularly Appaloosa racing history. He is a published author and monthly contributor to Appaloosa Journal. editor TED ZAJAC VMD is a graduate of Delaware Valley College and University of Pennsylva- nia School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Zajac has bred, trained and showed horses in events ranging from Barrel Racing, Dressage, Hunters, Pleasure and All-Around. Dr. Zajac has been a contributing writer for many pub- lications including being a guest author for Jane Savoie's best-selling book "Cross Train- ing Your Horse." contributors DR. JENNIFER WEEKS was introduced to the Appaloosa in 1985 with her first Appaloosa, Skoal Bandit. She competed throughout her youth career and as a non-pro. For the past 20 years she has shown off and on, life de- pending, but has always owned, ridden and promoted the Appaloosa. She is a forensic psychologist by trade and loves to write sto- ries about people and their horses. 6 Appaloosa Journal December 2018 T A P P A L O O S A H O R S E C L U B 1938 - 2018 his issue is the 788th consecutive publication of Appaloosa News / Appaloosa Journal. As we close out the 80th anniversary year of the ApHC and add this December edition to the archive begun in 1946, it's important to celebrate the good things we share. As an association, our beginning was grass roots — just an idea and the first handful of registrations in a shoe box in 1938. That idea of preserving the heritage was like water on grass. We grew into one of the largest breed registries in the world and became a com- munity of Appaloosa lovers, owners, and breeders dedicated to promoting the future of the breed. We made it to 80! What's next? I misplaced my crystal ball, but I suggest our future is exactly as grass roots as our past. Only with computers and technology. It is for certain the next 80 begins with us. As a member-based association the key to sustaining the registry and the heritage is more members. Please join our 2K by 2020 initiative — a membership drive with the goal of increasing our membership by 2,000 by 2020. How? Please join or renew, and encourage people you know to do the same. Also please consider giving memberships or subscrip- tions as gifts (birthday, Mother's Day, any holiday or occasion). The more members we have the better programs and services we'll be able to offer, the bigger the market for our horses will be, and the more participation we'll have. Membership matters. Tha nk y u t he best maga zine tea m in niche media! Hannah Cassara Barbara Lawrie Jonathan Gradin Advertising Director Art Director & Projects Director Graphic Designer, Projects & Circulation Manager I am lucky to get to come to work every day with Hannah, Jonathan, and Barbara — Team AJ! They do the work of 12 with few resources and continue to set standards and lead the industry in quality and awards. ~ You guys are totally tinsel! (Pardon the inside joke) From our hearth to yours, Happy Holidays Everybody! Let's water shall we? our lawn, Dana Russell, EDITOR

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