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NOV 2018

Appaloosa Journal is the official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the international registry for the Appaloosa horse.

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ceo NORMAN WIEMKEN has been around Appa- loosas for about 16 years after meeting Tim Barnes and his family and currently works at Cedar Springs Farm in Illinois. He is a Mili- tary Veteran (Army) and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management. Norman is known in the ApHC community for his up- beat support, positive outlook—and cooking skills. contributors DR. REBECCA BELLONE is the Associate Di- rector of Education and Outreach at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory and Associ- ate Adjunct Professor in the Department of Population Health and Reproduction at the School of Veterinary Medicine University of California - Davis where she studies the genetics of both pigmentation and ocular disorders in horses. 4 Appaloosa Journal November 2018 LARRY & KAREN WILLIAMS run a professional photography and graphic design business and are long-time supporters of the equine industry. Larry Williams Photography is the official photographer of the Appaloosa Horse Club. T Depends onYou Fulfilling Our Mission he mission of the Appaloosa Horse Club is "to honor the heritage and promote the fu- ture of the Appaloosa horse." That is actually a pretty big statement of purpose, particu- larly with respect to the unique history of the breed. One of the most significant pieces of that legacy is the annual Chief Joseph Trail Ride, which retraces the attempted "flight to freedom" of the Nez Perce in 1877. Special thanks to Kristen Reiter for documenting the 2018 ride in her writing and photographs for this issue. I also want to offer huge thanks to everyone involved in the planning and management of all aspects of the ride. I feel the need to give special kudos to Andy Shaw, Ervin Gross, Norman Shaw, A.J. Smith and Pat Bogar. They, along with a great crew, make things look easier than they really are. After you've read about this year's ride, I can recommend a visit to the trail section of the appa- website where you can find the 1965 Appaloosa News article by George Hatley describing the inaugural Chief Joseph Trail Ride. And, if you are an ApHC member who has this adventure on your bucket list, I encourage you to make it happen. We've added an on-line application (available January 1) for the 2019 ride, July 22-26. Another fascinating part of ApHC history is racing. I hope you have been keeping up with Robert Lapp's series, including another chapter in last month's issue. His extensive research has produced an informative and entertaining collection of all things Appaloosa racing. It was easy to brag about the versatility of our breed when a champion halter stal- lion could go on to win a half-mile race later the same day! Preserving Appaloosa Horse Club history is a valuable and critical endeavor. It is my hope that you will help do that through a contribution to the Appaloosa Museum and Heri- tage Center. A memorial gift honoring a family member or Appaloosa companion would make you an official "Friend of the Museum." Visit for more infor- mation and specific donation forms. Thank you in advance for your support! In order for the ApHC to honor the heritage and promote the future of the breed, we specifically need for you to be a member and we need you to recruit a few new folks (or those who have been "inconsistent" in the renewal process). As the television pitches say, we need you now more than ever! A solid membership base has everything to do with our ability to offer activities, programs and services, as well as rewards for being involved. Advertisers and sponsors need numbers. The breed needs numbers – worldwide. Help us launch into the next 80 years by joining, renewing and recruiting. Steve Taylor CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER A P P A L O O S A H O R S E C L U B The next 80 starts wh you... R E N E W N O W ! est. 1938

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