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OCT 2018

Appaloosa Journal is the official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the international registry for the Appaloosa horse.

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directors & committees 2018 ApHC Board Committees Planning & Review Sean Schembri – Chair Lesli Glen Ken Johnson Wiebe Lise Ray Burchett Rules Paula Gatewood – Chair Debby Letham Mary Ann Page Megan Disselkoen Lesli glen Terie Clark Regional Clubs/ International Lesli Glen – Chair Megan Disselkoen Teri Clark Wiebe Lise Billy Ready Show Kevin Griner – Chair Debby Letham Mary Ann Page Terie Clark Ray Burchett Billy Ready Judges Debby Letham – Chair Mary Ann Page Megan Disselkoen Paula Gatewood Ken Johnson Wiebe Lise Non-Pro/Youth Ken Johnson – Chair Mary Ann Page Megan Disselkoen Paula Gatewood Kevin Griner Billy Ready Breeders Terie Clark – Chair Mary Ann Page Sean Schembri Lesli Glen Ray Burchett Sale/Stallion Service Auction Sean Schembri – Chair Paula Gatewood Lesli Glen Terie Clark Billy Ready Membership Billy Ready – Chair Sean Schembri Kevin Griner Wiebe Lise Ray Burchett Trail Ray Burchett – Chair Megan Disselkoen Paula Gatewood Lesli glen Ken Johnson Billy Ready Executive Race Tom Hodges Debby Letham Terie Clark Ken Johnson Kevin Griner Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center Board Mike Fredrickson - Pres. Iola Hatley - Sec. Lynette Thompson - Tres. Nicolette Farenbaugh Craig Hatley Juli Thorson Steve Taylor Lauren McCleary Marti Fulfs Appaloosa Youth Foundation Kim Kvamme - Pres ident (208) 522-2592 Edith Stanger - Pres. Emeritus Specialty Associations Appaloosa Cutting Horse Association Contact: Cheryl Pozzi (505) 385-6360 Appaloosa Game Horse Association Contact: Destiny Zeiders (717) 436-6635 Appaloosa Pleasure Horse Association Contact: Wilburn Archer (705) 930-5134 Wendy Aregood-Lindsey (817) 798-3606 Appaloosa Reining Horse Association Contact: Robin Broughton (262) 909-0628 Executive Committee Tom Hodges – President Debby Letham – VP Mary Ann Page Sean Schembri Megan Disselkoen Paula Gatewood Finance Megan Disselkoen – Chair Debby Letham Ken Johnson Kevin Griner Wiebe Lise Marketing Mary Ann Page – Chair Sean Schembri Paula Gatewood Kevin Griner Ray Burchett ApHC Hall of Fame Appaloosa Horse Club » (208) 882-5578 Ext. 274 » » The Appaloosa Horse Club Hall of Fame was established in 1986 to recognize the unique contributions and positive impact individual horses and people have made on the ApHC. Nomi N atio N s are due October 31, 2018 Candidates for this award may be nominated by ApHC Members. Each year, the ApHC Board of Directors votes on nominations received from the ApHC membership to determine which horses and people will be inducted. Find out more at 2018

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