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OCT 2018

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D ANGEROUSLY TRICKY RIDE 95 works a full eight-hour day before heading to Angela's stables to help out. Somehow, Angela and Jenessa still make time to practice at least twice a week. Preparing for Competitions Practices typically last between one to two hours. During that time, Angela and Jenessa teach and rehearse new tricks with their horses Ty and Quazar. According to Angela, "The key to teaching a horse new tricks is teaching them to run in a good pattern and run well." The rest is up to the rider. "Trick riding involves a lot of bodily limitations," said Jenessa, who, despite having practiced gymnastics growing up, admitted that "when I started trying new tricks, I wasn't flexible enough for them naturally, so I practiced yoga every night for three years until I became as flexible as I am now." In addition to physically preparing for competi- tions, Angela and Jenessa must clear time in their hec- tic schedules for travel and performances. When asked how she prepares for competitions, Jenessa chuckled at her response. "First things first — request the day off of work!" Fortunately for Jenessa, her co-workers are exceptionally understanding. "They're definitely my big- gest fans," beamed Jenessa. Self and Horse Care Prior to all practices and competitions, Angela and Jenessa spend a great deal of time warming up them- selves and their horses. Afterwards, the sisters ensure their horses get cooled down by icing or cold-hosing them off and walking them out to prevent swelling in their legs. Once cooled off, Angela and Jenessa rub down Ty and Quazar's legs with Technyflex® Equine Gel, a naturally soothing liniment providing relief from joint pain and inflammation. Angela discovered Technyflex® when one of her customers at her work asked about green-lipped mus- sels (the primary ingredient in all-natural Technyflex®). After doing her research, Angela started giving Techny- flex® Premium Joint Supplement daily to her 18-year- old now retired trick-riding horse, Cosmo, who suffers from arthritis. "He improved so much with the product and we received the best customer service from the company," said Angela. Three years later, both Angela and Jenessa are regularly treating all of their horses with Technyflex® Equine Gel and Technyflex® Equine Pre- mium Joint Supplement. It takes two to put on a show, and Ty and Quazar cer- tainly aren't the only ones in need of physical care. The physical demands associated with trick riding are why most riders can only perform until around age 30. Cur- rently, Angela and Jenessa are in their early twenties and yet both sisters already suffer from long-term injuries. To cope with them, Angela and Jenessa apply Mobicosa® Joint Gel daily. Like Technyflex®, Mobicosa® Joint Gel Angela and Ty, Colorado Springs Rodeo 07/2018, performing a trick called the Splits, photographer: Richard Gill Jenessa and Quazar, Colorado Springs Rodeo 07/2018, performing a trick called the Split Hang, photographer: Richard Gill Photographer: Richard Gill

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