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OCT 2018

Appaloosa Journal is the official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the international registry for the Appaloosa horse.

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84 Appaloosa Journal October 2018 80 THE LAST... Celebratin u r firs ea rs... T he Appaloosa Horse Club has reached its 80th Anniversary. Now having aged into my 70's I realize that most of my life has been spent loving the Appaloosa horse and working with the club. Early memories include meeting George Hatley at the '77 Na- tional Show in Syracuse, NY. He was conducting inspections to upgrade horses to regular status so they were eligible to show. No Performance Permits back then, you had color or didn't show. George looked over my mare and picked up her papers and said, "Young lady, if you will trust me with these papers I will take them back with me and send you the new ones." No copies, just a hand- shake and a promise. That was how it was done back then. My passion still runs high for our truly wonderful breed, and I know that it is the people who love them that make up the soul of the Appaloosa Horse Club — Breeders, trainers, judges, regional club members, youth and non-pros working hard and enjoying the ride as we travel down the road. I met one lifelong friend, Sue Pabst, in the late six- ties at an Appaloosa sale in New York. She stepped out of a stall dressed in coveralls and a knit cap and I did the same out of another stall. We looked at each other, two barely 5-feet-tall women. We burst out laughing, it was like looking into a mirror. Through the years, good times and bad we have remained friends. In 1996 we saw our stallions, hers Red Eagle's Peacock, and mine Prince Shannon, induct- Lindeborn Diane ed into the Hall of Fame at the banquet in San Antonio. We are still close friends because of the programs sponsored by the Club. Over the years breeders have developed horses for many dis- ciplines. Big impacts were made by so many — Carl Miles pro- moted Joker B and Prince Plaudit into household names. Cecil Dobbin and Bright Eyes Brother are forever linked. Bill Cass and Colida, Jim Wild and Wapiti will never be forgotten. Roger and Jean Klamfoth and Mighty Marshall (Roger became ApHC CEO). Char-0-Lot Ranch — Doug and Sue Schembri dominated the show ring for many years through Roman's Strawman, The Hunter, Dreamfinder, and The Secret. I have mentioned only a few and ask forgiveness for not including so many more. Without our show staffs, both regional and national, trainers, and judges we would not have the venues and quality shows to advance our horses. A few long-time trainers in my circle include: Dave Parlier, Terry Thompson, Jim and Sandy Jirkovsky from T X, Karen Dodge, N H, Ray Burchett, PA, Doug Milham, Canada, John and Debbie Letham, OK, and Patti McCartin, OH. These people have given a lifetime to the Appaloosa. We have had many celebrities who put the Appaloosa in the public eye. Who could forget James Drury riding his leopard Appa- loosa in the television show "The Virginian" or John Wayne backing up Zip Cochise down that long driveway in the movie "El Dora- do." We had James Brolin with Stud Spider, Roy Clark from "Hee Haw" with The Australia Kid and the late Burt Reynolds who bred Appaloosas in Jupiter, FL, and stood the stallion Navajo Breeze. Serving on the Board of Directors can be memorable. First elected to office in Territory VI in 1998, I met Gene Carr on the shuttle to the hotel. Gene was from Hayti, SD, and what a trea- sure trove of information he was. He knew bloodlines, genetics and spoke several languages. I have fond memories of sitting by the pool after intense meetings chatting with Gene and Bob Lapp about what bloodlines crossed well, how to get good color, CPO and many controversial subjects. I was fortunate to work with Hugh Williams, Debbie Letham, Roland Haun, Diane Rushing, Larry Edwards and so many more. So you see that the Appaloosa Horse Club is more than a brick building in Moscow, ID. It is a large network of people from all parts of the country and the world that make up a large family circle. Congratulations to the Appaloosa Horse Club! Breeder, Director (1998-2003), Youth Foundation Board Member

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