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OCT 2018

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RACING HISTORY: WORLD SPECIAL 77 Early Championship Show History The first World at Sedalia featured 44 horses from 16 dif- ferent states competing in 8 specific events and accounting for 122 total entries. Championships were determined after preliminary elimination rounds for the following classes: Trail, Pleasure, Reining, Cutting, Stakes Race, Barrel Race, Rope Race, and Calf Roping. The number of entries in each class was not included until after 1961. (Note: Early results for both the National and World Shows were detailed in one of the ApHC's best publications, The Ref- eree. Published in 1975, this historic booklet covered the Na- tional Show from 1948-1973 and the World from 1961-1973. The listing of World Champions for Calf-Roping begins with 1962, contradicting the roster of classes noted above and implying quite clearly that Roping was not an event in 1961. However, the class results for the first World were published in the December 1961 issue of the Appaloosa News. The win- ner and next five places for Calf-Roping are listed on page 27. Contrary to an apparent omission or some kind of error in The Referee, Calf-Roping was in fact one of the 8 original events.) Although we'd like to list the number of entries in each World Show class from 1962 through 1965, time and space allow for pre - senting only two sets of data. Starting with the broad picture of to- tal entries and number of horses competing at each show, we end with a comparison of class entries for the 1962 Show in Sedalia and the 1965 World in Scottsdale, Arizona. Both will demonstrate the drawing power of this historically unique horse show. Entries and Horses, 1962-1965 1962: 217 entries, 56 Appaloosas. 1963: 215 entries, 66 Appaloosas. 1964: 251 entries, 79 Appaloosas. 1965: 348 entries, 113 Appaloosas. Class Entries Trail: 1962, 30, 1965, 45. Pleasure: 1962, 36, 1965, 55. Reining: 1962, 39, 1965, 52. Cutting was divided into Jr. and Sr. in 1962. Sr. Cutting: 1962, 11, 1965, 22. Jr. Cutting: 1962, 8, 1965, 20. Calf-Roping: 1962, 19, 1965, 34. Stakes Race: 1962, 27, 1965, 37. Barrel Race: 1962, 26, 1965, 40. Rope Race: 1962, 21, 1965, 32. The growth of the ApHC as such just before 1961 and se- lect years thereafter probably accounts for the growth of the World Shows. More ApHC members, more registrations, more Regional Clubs, all contributed to increasing the likelihood of The ApHC's first "World" didn't have an official name and was advertised as shown in the September 1961 Appaloosa News. Its official name, the World Championship Appaloosa Performance Show, was adopted by Motion # 6 at the Board of Director's December 1961 meeting at headquarters in Moscow. greater competition. ApHC membership grew from a relatively mea- ger 1,750 in 1960 to 11,429 in 1965. Registrations per year increased from 4,052 in 1960 and 7,343 in 1961 to 11,294 in 1963 and 12,050 in 1964. Regional Club growth was perhaps the most predictive factor. The first four Regional Clubs, Calizona, Texas, Mountain & Plains, and Florida, were formed in 1954 (some sources say 1953). By 1956, 8 Regionals were on the roster, 16 by 1958 and 25 during 1960/early 1961 as the World Show was being planned. At the end of our cov - erage time frame, 76 Regionals had been approved by the Board of Directors, a phenomenal period of growth that continued throughout the late 1960s and 70s. World Championship Shows 1961-1965 This special edition of our on-going Racing Series has been divided into a precise time frame and two distinct sections for two important reasons. We'll begin with information and "numbers" documenting the Show's tremendous growth in the first five years but which are sel - dom mentioned in stories reporting Show results. In fact, the information appears to have been reported only once, in the February 1966 issue of the Appaloosa News. The second section will address the primary focus of this article, "Racing At the World Shows." Why end with 1965? The basic Show data after 1965 has not been compiled, but more importantly, '65 was the final year for racing at a World Show.

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