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OCT 2018

Appaloosa Journal is the official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the international registry for the Appaloosa horse.

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76 Appaloosa Journal October 2018 I SPECIAL SERIES EDITION A BRIEF HISTORY OF RACING AT ApHC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP APPALOOSA SHOWS Three very rare pictures of races at the first World Championship Show, 1961, Sedalia, Missouri. Appaloosas are shown going to the post for the 1/2 mile race, winning the 1/8th mile, and finishing the 2nd running of the 500-yard Missouri ApHC Futurity. t was another history-making event created by the ApHC, a first- of-a-kind horse show set for late 1961 and unlike any found in other breeds. Planning for a "National Playoff" had been under - way since early 1960 for what was described in early 1961 as "the first National Champion Performance Horse Show" (Appaloosa News, April 1961). Although details and the show site were still be - ing determined in April (possible locations in Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri), completed plans were announced to the membership in the September 1961 issue of the News, followed by a more infor - mative story in the October issue. Quoting from the introduction to that story: "The first World Series for Appaloosa horses is about to become reality. The World Champion Appaloosa Performance Show has been set for November 3, 4, and 5 at Sedalia, Missouri. Like its baseball counterpart, it is only the best that can earn their way into the event. Participating for honors will be the champion and reserve champion performance horses from Appaloosa re - gional clubs throughout the world. To qualify, horses accumulated points in performance classes in their regional shows. With re - gional champions against regional champions, a top performance exhibition is in order. Horses will gather at the Missouri State Fair Grounds at Sedalia no later than 6 p.m., Thursday November 2." (Notes: By mid-July 1961 the ApHC had approved approxi- mately 25 Regional Clubs although the number of Clubs actually sending their champions to the first show as well as those there- after is unknown. This same announcement was also published verbatim in the Western Horseman and Horse Lover's magazines.) Although an official name for the history-making show wasn't selected by the Board of Directors until their December 1961 meeting in Moscow, this "first" among all breeds was referred to by at least eleven wildly different names before the Novem - ber debut and for the next several years thereafter: National Appaloosa Performance Show, World Series for Appaloosa Performance Horses, Appaloosa Performance Championships, National Appaloosa Performance Playoffs, World Champion Appaloosa Performance Horse Show & Race Meet, Nation - al Champion Appaloosa Performance Horse Show, National Performance Playoffs, World Series for Appaloosas, World Ap - paloosa Championship Performance Playoffs, National Appa- loosa Performance & Race Meet, and The First World Series for Appaloosa Horses. Several of these names continued to be used in World stories and official ApHC publications for roughly the next ten years, despite already having an official board-designated title. Notwithstanding such variations, the official title finally took hold and to this day, one of the ApHC's premier events continues to be known as the World Champion - ship Appaloosa Show. From Saddle Hor S e S W H o r aced T o Building a n i ndu ST ry: THE HISTORY AND EVOLUTION OF APPALOOSA RACING BY ROBERT A. LAPP

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