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Appaloosa Journal is the official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the international registry for the Appaloosa horse.

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member reminders 48 Appaloosa Journal September 2018 Disciplinary Action ApHC v. Kimberly K. Rumpsa On June 14, 2018 the ApHC Disciplinary Committee con- ducted a hearing and found Kimberly K. Rumpsa guilty of violat- ing ApHC Rules 30.B, 30.B.5, 30.F, 606.J.1, 606.J.11, 606.J.12 and 609.A.4 of the 2017 Official Handbook of the ApHC in that Kimberly K. Rumpsa did knowingly and intentionally prepare and submit show results for the ApHC-approved (i) Spotted Rump Jump! Show held October 15, 2017, (ii) Lots O' Spots Show held November 5, 2017 and (iii) Top Spots! Show held November 19, 2017 (collectively the "Shows") that materially and substantially (a) listed in show results for more than 60 classes at the Shows the name of an exhibitor for SUN that did not exhibit SUN in those classes at the Shows and (b) listed herself in several classes at the Shows as SUN's owner when she was not SUN's owner. Kimberly K. Rumpsa has been suspended from the ApHC for two (2) years effective June 27, 2018, and, during the period of her suspension and any continuation of her suspension as set forth below, she is: denied all ApHC membership privileges; indi- vidually, through her spouse, and as owner of an interest in any legal entity, is denied the privilege to advertise in the Appaloosa Journal and to manage, work, sponsor, volunteer, host and/or participate in any administrative activity in connection with any ApHC approved or sponsored event; denied participation privileges in any capacity at all ApHC approved or sponsored shows or events; and hereby made to comply with all mandatory minimum restrictions set forth in Rule 60.B of the 2017 Official Handbook of the ApHC: provided, however, her period of suspen- sion shall continue beyond two (2) years and for so long as and until such fine and total expenses in the total sum of $7,000 are paid in full to the ApHC: and further provided, however, that, if at any time from and after one (1) year from the effective date of this Decision Kimberly K. Rumpsa pays or has paid such fine and total expenses in the total sum of $7,000 to the ApHC, then her suspension as set forth above shall automatically terminate and be of no further force and effect. Joseph Rumpsa has been sanctioned for one (1) year effec- tive June 27, 2018 by denial of the privilege to manage, work, sponsor, volunteer, host and/or participate in any administrative capacity in connection with any ApHC approved or sponsored event. The ApHC Disciplinary Committee also determined that is in the best interest of the ApHC and affected ApHC members not in violation of ApHC rules in connection with these matters that said national points that had been withdrawn shall be restored for those three (3) affected horses for the purpose of lifetime awards only and not for any 2017 year-end high point awards. Performance Trail Calendar The following rides are approved and sanctioned by the Ap- paloosa Horse Club. Horses enrolled in the Appaloosa distance program may earn miles on these rides that will count toward lifetime awards including a Register of Merit (400 miles), Su- perior Event Award (800 miles) and a Trail Medallion (1,000 miles). For more information concerning the trail program, please contact the Appaloosa Horse Club. Contact: Trail Coordinator (208) 882-5578 ext. 264 • SEPT 7 - 9 WKAC Fall Wranglers Ride Wranglers Campground, Land between the Lakes Golden Pond, Kentucky Contact: Rita Thweatt Phone: 270-210-7033 Email: SEPT - OCT 30 - 6 Sheltowee Trail Ride Mammoth Cave Horse Camp Brownsville, KY Contact: Roland or Mary Tom Haun Phone: 270-862-9357 Email: OCT 7 - 13 Mammoth Cave Horse Camp Ride Brownsville, KY Contact: Kevin Davis Phone: 888-682-3958 Website: OCT 13 Chub Scott Memorial Ride Shawnee Hills Appaloosa Horse Club Jack Davis Camp Ozark, IL Nancy Ford 618-658-8136 OCT 20 - 28 Buffalo River Trail Ride Waynesboro, TN Contact: Tim Astor Phone: 931-722-9170 Website: 2018 National Championship Endurance Ride The 2018 Appaloosa National Championship Endurance Ride (ANCER) will be held in conjunction with the Arabian Horse Association Distance Nationals in Henryville, Indiana, on Octo- ber 26 2018 at the "Spook Run" ride. The ride is located in the Clark State Forest and is an AERC-sanctioned 50-mile ride.

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