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SEP 2018

Appaloosa Journal is the official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the international registry for the Appaloosa horse.

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COOKING WITH NORMAN 17 ing most of their time on harder, drier grounds like gravel, rocks or even packed dirt, Sole Guard from Vettec serves as a firmer, durable pad material that distributes a horse's weight evenly across the entire hoof-bottom. This will help the hanging coffin bone to slowly push back into place. Because this material acts as a "fake sole" while elevating the hoof off the ground, it also allows for faster sole growth. For a horse that needs pressure relief, Sole Guard provides comfort and support. For horses on softer, wetter grounds like grass or mud, Equi- Pak CS from Vettec is a supportive material that keeps pres- sure off the hoof wall and strengthens the hoof. It is made with copper sulfate, which helps deflect and retain moisture, and therefore protects the hoof from infections. The hooves support a horse's whole body, so it's important for horse owners to provide the proper care for their horses when they recover from any kind of hoof surgery. Talk with a farrier or veterinarian about how to comfort horses after remov- ing a keratoma tumor, and how pour-in pad materials can be a helpful tool for extra support.

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