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SEP 2018

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128 Appaloosa Journal September 2018 Note: The remaining three horses were all involved in the history of races written for 1 mile (sometimes listed as 8 furlongs). Clearly the longest races run by Appaloosas, only a very few tracks wrote races for this distance and over the course of history, only a handful of such races were ever held. They are however a special part of racing history and as such warrant examination. 1975 was the first year an official Appaloosa race was run at 1 mile and recorded as the first official world record for that distance. Azure's Bull Lea won at Salem, Oregon with a time of 1:52 1/5th 2 turns, the only 1 mile race that year anywhere in the country. Intermittently listed as 1 mile or 8 furlongs for world records from 1975 through 2017, no such races were held again until 2 were hosted in 1980, 1 each in 1981/82/83, and 2 each in 1984/85/86, all at Santa Rosa. Since 1986 was the last year listing the number of races run at each distance, we don't know how many were hosted at 1 mile (or 8 Furlongs) in the years thereafter. If such data exists, it has not been pub- lished anywhere to our knowledge. Regardless, Bull Lea's new record was broken three times in the 1980s: Frostella in 1980, Karens Halfdollar in 1981, and On the Double in 1982. Pictures of these 1 milers have not been found. However, Wego Copy broke the existing world re - cord in 1985, still at Santa Rosa, with a time of 1:38 4/5ths that stood until 1994 when the current (thru 2017) record was set at Sacramento by Rob The Irish with a new time of 1:38 1/5th. Few owners and trainers even consider racing this longest dis - tance and the Appaloosas competitive at 8 furlongs or 1 mile are probably few and far between, much less being capable of setting new records. By any measure, the horses that do are indeed special. These Challenging "Times" World records represent the pinnacle of speed. At any given point in time, the horses setting world records are, by definition, the best in the world at their respective distances. Their times are challenges, testing whether or not the speed of race winners has met the challenge and produced a new "best" Appaloosa. Without intending to overcome or even pursue it, thousands throughout racing history have in effect faced the challenge but success has been reserved for only a few. We've studied and to date identified many of those few, yet marveled at the names of otherwise outstanding Appaloosas who never reached that pin - nacle. Their names are among the winners of major stakes rac- es, Leading Money Earners for any given season and setters of multiple track records at multiple distances. Many have earned the highest ERC awards and by many measures, are regarded as some of the best Appaloosas breeders have ever produced throughout the long history of Appaloosa racing. We list 20 of these horses, not to demean their absence from the long roster of world record holders but only to accent the profound difficulty of becoming part of it. Just Like Willie, Time To Fly Again, Houston Jet, Texas Union, Prospers Passport, JJ Doc, A Mean Individual, Domleo Bar, Salty Bull, Mundo Dine - ro, Homer Machayfork, Double R Pleasure, I'm Easy Going, Six Gun Fortune, Brent's Song, Got The Gas, Always Homer, Power of Who Do, Papa John, and Im A Marble Too. Azure's Bull Lea, sired by world record-setter Brent Lea, set racing's first official world record for 8 furlongs (1 mile) in 1975. The benchmark for future competitors was the last race of the season at Salem, Oregon's Lone Oak Park. Wego Copy, whose sire was an own son of Gene Miles' infamous Wego Melody, is pictured as a 2 year old in 1982. Racing at Santa Rosa in 1985, the gelding set a new world record for 8 furlongs that stood until 1994. Rob The Irish, whose mom was a track record-setting daughter of Apache Double, is pictured winning the 6 furlong Silver & Gold Invitational Handicap over Always Homer in1996 at Pomona's Fairplex Park. Two years earlier in 1994 at Sacramento, the big gelding had set the current (thru 2017) world record for 8 furlongs.

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