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SEP 2018

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RACING TRIVIA 127 Arizona: 1 world record, Turf Paradise, 1,000 yards. Florida: 1 world record, Pompano Park, 700 yards. New Mexico: 1 world record, Downs at Santa Fe, 2 1/2 furlongs. Montana: 1 world record, Billings, 220 yards. Wyoming: 1 world record, Wyoming Downs, Evanston, 550 yards. The specific horses and their world-record times are readily avail- able in the Racing section on the ApHC's website. Although we're unsure of reader interest in the "World Record Tracks" data, a much broader question is still being researched and will be reported when completed: which tracks and states have ac- counted for the most world records since the start of record-keeping in 1962? Six Who Were Special Breaking a standing world record and setting a new one is it- self a special honor, especially considering the 100s if not 1000s of horses having none to their credit. During our in-depth investiga - tion of all these records, something special about some horses and their records often captured our attention, facts and details which added depth and flavor to their achievements. They were "special", beyond merely setting a world record. We begin recognizing these first "Six Who Were Special" and will continue identifying more in future editions. Short Sale: This award-winning gelding, bred, owned, and raced by Dr. Edward Allred, was Geneo JJ's Leading Money-Earning Starter in 1999 and to top off the same year, earned three ApHC titles-Leading Starter Dollars Earned and Champion 3-year-old Gelding, Dollars Earned and Most Wins. A year earlier he was named ERC Cham- pion 2-year-old Distance Gelding and earned Cal-Western Racing recognition as Champion 2-year-old Gelding and Champion Cal-Bred Gelding. Pretty impressive so far, along with winning the 1998 Star of Stars Futurity over his stablemate and multiple ApHC and ERC award-winning filly, Keep Me. How was he special? Short Sale set the cur- rent world record for 870 yards winning at Sacramento in 2001 with a time of 44 flat, a record that's stood now for 16 years. Not to be overshadowed however is the record he broke in 2001, 45.01 set by the legendary all-time great Appaloosa and Hall of Famer, Wing It, whose record had stood since winning at Los Alamitos in 1992! Speed Viking: Far and away the most successful racehorse produced by 2009 Hall of Famer Viking Song, this "Viking" raced for 5 seasons, 1992 through 1996, earning a SI of 105 and $60,036 from 13 wins, 2 place and 2 show. With one of his best wins coming at the 1995 Cowboy Hall of Fame Handicap, he finished 1995 as ERC Champion 4 & older Gelding. How was he special? Showing his first name was no fluke, he set a new world record for 770 yards with a time of 40:10 racing at Fair Meadows in 1994, breaking the old record of 40:44 set 9 years earlier in 1985. "Speed's" record stood for another 6 years until broken in 2000. His more historic claim to fame? Although research continues, we've found very few examples of a world record-setting dam (Viking Song) producing a record-setting son or daugh- ter, clearly a combination of historic and special uniqueness. Hes Spotless, with the curious name, set the current (thru 2017) world record for 5 furlongs during the 2002 racing season at Sacramento. Speed Viking, following in the hoof-prints of his world record-setting mom and Hall of Famer Viking Song, set a world record for 770 yards in 1994 at Tulsa, Oklahoma's Fair Meadows. It stood until 2000. Hes Spotless: 2001 and 2002 were fantastic seasons for the gelding with a rather "revealing" name. He ended 2001 as ERC Champion 2 year old Distance Gelding after win - ning the Star of Stars and Los Alamitos Classic Futuri- ties. The California Derby topped off his 2002 wins, finishing the season with two ApHC titles-Leading 3 year old Gelding Dollars Earned and Most Wins. "Spotless" was "special" in a way unmatched by just about every other world-record holder. Although he set the current world record for 5 furlongs with a time of 56.20 racing at Sacramento in 2002, the prior 5 furlong record-holders reads like a who's who of top ERC award-winners: Supreme Champions Wing It, Johns Policy, Regal Willie, One Trash Man (twice) and 1982 ERC Champion 3 year old Gelding and current 5 1/2 furlong record-holder, Double Clutch. Sometimes, setting a world record and even one standing since 2002 is not quite as impressive as knowing whose records had been broken!

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