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AUG 2018

Appaloosa Journal is the official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the international registry for the Appaloosa horse.

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90 Appaloosa Journal August 2018 PART XIV: APPALOOSA RACING WORLD RECORDS Major Tom, one of Appaloosa racing's all-time greatest racehorses, destroyed racing records in 2013/2014 by setting multiple new track and world records for at least 3 different distances. Along with his many exceptional achievements and numerous awards, Tom's overwhelming speed generated a racing resume worthy of serious Racing Hall of Fame consideration. he first official Appaloosa racing world records were published in the ApHC's first Appaloosa Racing Record Book, Vol. 1, page 9, and were based on competition during the 1963-64 racing seasons. These first world records identified the winning names and times of horses who had set their standards at 16 different distances, ranging from 220 yards to 6 furlongs. Beginning with this first list - ing and continuing through 2017's records, chronicling the history of Appaloosa racing world records has required an investigation and analysis of data and information involving far more than just the records themselves. In short, there's a "rest-of-the-story" to be told, and a story that has produced an abundance of fascinating insights and findings which offer more than a few surprises. Part XIV unfolds this history in sections, some of which include record-relevant data that heretofore has never been published outside of the Chart Books. We'll start by identifying the first record-setters and later on, track the changes in world record times and the horses who set new standards through the years. An intriguing section of perhaps greater interest will feature a detailed analysis of horses inducted into the Racing Hall of Fame. We'll end with final observations answering the broad question, what have we learned about Appaloosa racing world records? Why have we studied world record history, aside from its obvious relationship to tracking the history and evolution of Appaloosa racing? Two fundamental and critical questions have guided our investigation. 1) Who were these Appaloosas who reached the pinnacle of speed and set or tied world records, thereby becoming members of a very select group, an exclusive "club" now numbering more than 200 dif - ferent qualifiers? Although all of those setting world records over the course of 55 years of racing history have been studied but will not be identified here, many of the names and times we'll feature in text and pictures will be well-known to just about everyone, while others whose feats have long-since been forgotten and lost to history will be remembered only by their owners and friends. The horses comprising this select group's membership roles will probably produce some surprises, for it includes but also excludes more than a few racing Hall of Famers, track record-setters, and major stakes winners. 2) Our second overall question might be of greater interest than the first and From Saddle Hor S e S W H o r aced T o Building a n i ndu ST ry: THE HISTORY AND EVOLUTION OF APPALOOSA RACING BY ROBERT A. LAPP T

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