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AUG 2018

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RACING HISTORY: PART XIV 105 Pictures & Captions The 42 pictures of world record setters were selected on the basis of multiple factors: availability of decent pictures, preference for those actually setting a record, lesser known horses with only one record who may not have been addressed in the text, pictures from different eras, and some which are not up to standard but selected because of special circumstances. Some captions include very limited data, particularly when horses have been covered in text. Others contain more information for horses with only one record. Final Thoughts & Observations − Over the course of our investigation we talked to several own- ers about their horses, only to discover they didn't know one of their own had set a world record years ago. We wonder how many others don't know, which raises interesting ques - tions that we cannot answer: How does an owner determine that one of their horses has set a world record, or does it even matter? Some may know immediately if they are well-versed on records, but the vast majority must wait for information published by the ApHC, and even then, one assumes owners would even check that data. Should the ApHC develop a pro - cess for informing owners? − We are well-aware of some opinions questioning the reliability of at least early world records. These are based on differing timing practices at various tracks as well as questions surrounding the measurement of distances. Irrespective of these opinions, the world record data we've presented is official from the ApHC. − World record data is far more detailed even considering the amount of information we've selected for Part XIV. More questions remain to be investigated: Have some specific tracks produced more world records than others? If so, why? To what extent are some world records lowered more fre- quently than others, broadly speaking, and then if various dis- tances are factored in? How many records were set running under nonpari-mutuel, before 1970 and after 1977? Is the question even important? Which distance records have seen the greatest reductions in time, and over what different time frames? Which horses have risen above "Appaloosa" to set All- Breed records? We've tinkered with all these questions but are far from having answers. − Racing is fundamentally and foremost about the fastest horses, not who wins the most prestigious races or takes home the most cash even though those hallmarks are vital to all who participate. Racing is ultimately about speed, and the highest pinnacle of speed is found only in setting world Appaloosa and All-Breed records. We wanted to know which horses in the long history of Appaloosa racing have reached that pinnacle. Al - though not all have been honored by our inquiry, we've moved coverage of world record history to an unprecedented level and hope it has added significant and worthwhile information to your understanding of racing history.

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