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RACING HISTORY: PART XIV 103 distances at any point in time from 1978 through 2017. 4 furlongs: Nellies Girl, Granite Girl, Joaquin Nite Cap, Bar T's Man, Zav Dancing Kid, Sillie Girl, Chants Moon Flash, Sir Robert Snow, and Sally's Patch. 4 1/2 furlongs: Double Dribble, Time Flies, Sillie's Filly, Bold Concept, Brazen Lad, Double Clutch, Chigger's Spirit, Mama T., and Ole Wilson. 5 furlongs: Nellies Girl, Leasure Lea, Manitou Rock, Mr. Parrot, Granite Girl, Viking Song, Union Road, Double Clutch, One Trash Man, Johns Policy, Regal Willie, Wing It, and Hes Spotless. Longest Standing World Records Many world records stood for only one year or two years. A smaller but still significant number lasted up to ten years and a few even longer but less than 20. Having scanned virtually all the world records, only a handful set by 9 different horses are now honored in a new category we've created, the Longest Standing World Records, through 2017. Undercover Willie: new world record for 440 yards, 21.59, set in 1982 at Blue Ribbon Downs, stood until broke in 2014 at Remington Park by Major Tom's new record of 21.05. Ole Wilson: new world record for 4 1/2 furlongs, 49 4/5ths, (also an All-Breed World Record) set in 1989 at Sacra- mento and still standing through 2017. His record was the only time in the history of Appaloosa racing that a horse has run 4 1/2 furlongs in under 50 seconds. What's Up Ghost: new world record for 300 yards, 15.43, set in 1970 at Sunland Park. Barely eclipsed in 1990 at Em- mett, Idaho when Bo Beau set the new standard at 15.42. Sally's Patch: new world record for 4 furlongs, 43 4/5ths, set in 1992 at Los Alamitos Race Course and still the current world record. It was the only time that the many changes in the 4 furlong record were run under 44 seconds. Nuther Dustem: new world record for 3 1/2 furlongs, 40.0, set in 1992 at Klamath Falls, Oregon and tied the same year by Jet On Dusty. "Dustem" broke the record again in 1993, 39.0, the current world record and only time at that distance ever run under 40 seconds. 8 Percent Charge: new world record for 330 yards, 16.63, set in 1971 at Ski Hi Park. Tied in 2006 at Fair Meadows by You R My Sunshine, their record was broke twice in 2014, first by Texas Royal Snow at Remington Park with a time of 16.60 and lowered to the current record of 16.56 by Special Jessie at Fair Meadows. Gold Strike's Equal: new world record for 870 yards, 45.87, set in 1966 at Centennial and standing until 1985 at San Juan Downs, where Handy Prop and Wild-N-Ready tied for setting the new record at 45.62. Near Gold: new world record for 700 yards, 36.82, set in 1978 at Pompano Park and still the current world record. Rare Glass: new world record for 400 yards, 19.70, set in 1990 at Wyoming Downs and tied in 1993 at Rock Springs, Wyoming by J & B Boogie Woogie. Moon Bully broke their record in 2010 at Remington Park, setting a new world record time at 19.53. The Multiples How impressive is setting or even tying a world record and be- coming a co-holder, no matter how long the record stands? Think of the hundreds of Appaloosas racing each year, their number of starts, and on top of that, the number of career starts by each individual horse. For some breeders, owners, and trainers, setting a world record might not be as thrilling as winning a major stakes race and a bundle of cash, but when racing is reduced to its funda- mental ingredient, speed, then setting just one world record, being the best and fastest in the world, has to rank as a supreme accom- plishment clearly earned by only a select few. If even one is a prize, what about horses who produced multiple world records? There's only 33 of them through 2017, including 21 who set 2 records and the rest who set between 3 and 7. Before identifying them, note that tying a world record may not be quite as impressive as setting one but is nonetheless an achievement, essentially meaning that two horses have set one. Now for the names, distances, times and dates, beginning with the first 21. Undercover Willie: 440 yards, 21.68, 1981; 440 yards, 21.59, 1982. Nellies Girl: 1/2 mile, 44.40, 1978; 5/8 mile, tied 3 others, 58.20, 1978. The Hooper Honker: 400 yards, 20.16, 1978; 440 yards, 21.77, 1978. Texas Royal Snow: 330 yards, 16.60, 2014; 350 yards, 17.43, 2011. Ole Wilson: 4 1/2 furlongs, 49 4/5ths, 1989; 6 furlongs, 110.80, tied the record, 1988, but broke by Its Gin'n Ton- ic the same year. Wild-N-Ready: 250 yards, 13.51, 1982; 870 yards, 45.62, 1985. Keep The Change: 550 yards, 27.34, 1989; 400 yards, 19.87, 1990; broke the same year by Rare Glass. Making Ends Meet: 660 yards, 34.40, 1998; 770 yards, 39.52, 2001. Appocalypto: 550 yards, 26.95, 2014; 1,000 yards, 53.37, 2015. Wing It: 870 yards, 45.01, 1992; 5 furlongs, 56 3/5ths, 1994, tied the record set by Regal Willie in 1993. You R My Sunshine: 350 yards, 17.51, 2005; 330 yards, 16.63, 2006, tied the record set by 8 Percent Charge in 1971. Really I Eighty Four: 770 yards, 39.80, 2000; 3 furlongs, 30.10, 2000. My Host Bright: 5 furlongs 2 turns, 101.4, 1970; 4 1/2 furlongs 1 turn, 53.2, 1971. Viking Song: 5 furlongs, 57 3/5th, 1980; 5 1/2 furlongs, 1.03, 1981. Charli: 5 1/2 furlongs, 1.06 3/5th, 1971; 7 furlongs, 1.29 3/5ths, 1980. Manitou Rock: 5 furlongs 1 turn, 58 1/2, 1974; 5 furlongs, 2 turns, 59 4/5ths, 1975. Rock Bottom Red: 4 1/2 furlongs 1 turn, 53 4/5ths; 5 furlongs 1 turn, 59 4/5ths, both in 1968. Hayfork Creek: 6 furlongs, 1.11 1/5th, 1975; 5 1/2 furlongs 1 turn, 1.05, 1977. What's Up Ghost: 300 yards, 15.43, 1970; 4 1/2 furlongs, 1 turn, (Turf), 54 2/5ths, 1976.

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