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AUG 2018

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100 Appaloosa Journal August 2018 determined that 9 different distances have been run far more often than others over the years, at least through 1986. We've given them a label: "the most common racing distances." (Note: why publication of races per distance each year stopped after 1986 is unknown and remains a mystery). Before listing these common distances and tracking them through select time frames, another problem with world records must be explained. We call it the "turn" problem, which has deter - mined how our group of common distances and world records will be tracked. Starting in 1969 and ending in 1977, world records for a number of distances were divided into 1 and 2 turns. For example, two different records were listed for 4 furlongs, one run around 1 turn and the other, around 2 turns. After 1977 and con - tinuing to the present, the records for 4 furlongs excluded any de- lineation of turns. Therefore, tracking the changes for 4 furlongs (and the other distances) without any mention of turns would produce an inexact, inaccurate, and unreliable picture of that re - cord's evolution (Note: why the number of turns were eliminated after 1977 is unknown, and like other changes in the broader field of racing data, remains an important unresolved issue). These problems are not without solutions. The common dis- tances not involving turns will be tracked from the mid-1960s through 2017. Where some of the records are differentiated by turns, we'll track two time frames: from 1969-1977 and the same distances but without a turn indication from about 1979 through 2017. What are those common distance? 300 yards, 350, 400, 440, 3 furlongs, 3 1/2 furlongs, 4 F's, 4 1/2 F's, and 5 F.s. We begin with tracking the short distances, listing first the distance, then the time and record holder, year set or broken, and in most cases, the respective track where the new record was set. Short Distances: 300 yards: 16.23, Patty Hand, 1964, Columbus, Texas; broke in 1965 by Boogie Britches, 15.82, Marble Downs, Carthage, Missouri; stood until 1970, What's Up Ghost, 15.43, Sunland Park; stood until 1990, Bo Beau, 15.42, Emmett, Idaho; held until 2002, Roll The Drums, 15.31, Fair Meadows; broke in 2011 and current record through 2017, BG The Widow Maker, 15.15, Oneida Cty. Fair, Malad, Idaho. 350 yards: 18.47, Ipana Maid, 1974, Columbus, Texas; broke in 1969 by Vandy's Vi, 18.0, Albuquerque; stood until broke in 1974 by Zepana Bull, 17.68, at Albu- querque; new record by Easy We Go in 1979, 17.67, at Sunland Park; stood until 1989, Mr. Poverty, 17.65 at Blue Ribbon Downs; broke twice in 2001,first by Watch This Effort, 17.59 at Pocatello Downs and then Tell It Like It Is, 17.55 at Fair Meadows; broke by You R My Sunshine in 2005, 17.51 at Fair Meadows; broke twice in 2011, 17.50 by Captain Bucko at Fair Meadows and again by Texas Royal Snow, 17.43 at Fair Meadows; broke in 2013 by Major Tom, 17.40, and the current record, again by Major Tom in 2014, 17.28, both records at Remington Park. 400 yards: 21.49, Active Duty, 1964, Western Idaho Fairgrounds; broke in 1969 by Miss Diamond Charge, 20.5, Centennial; tied by Vandy's Vi in 1971 at Ski Hi Sally's Patch, an own son of Apache Double, set the current 4 furlong world record in 1992, winning at Los Alamitos with a SR of 106. The geld- ing's new record of 43.80 was the first time in racing history an Appa- loosa had travelled 4 furlongs in under 44 seconds and is one of racing's longest standing records. The previous record, 44.0, was set in 1989 at Fresno by Chants Moon Flash. Larry Grenz's Nuther Dustem holds the current world record for 3 1/2 furlongs and is one of racing longest standing. Set in 1993 at Klam- ath Falls, Oregon, it broke his own 1992 record for the same distance which had been tied the same year by his full sister, Jet On Dusty. Their 1992 co-held record broke the earlier record set in 1979 by Buddy Bar W and tied in 1986 by Nuther Dustem's half-sister, Golden Dustem. Not the best picture of Denny Whitaker's Making Ends Meet but the only one found. His gelding set two world records, the first in 1998, 660 yards 34.40, racing at Fair Meadows and broken in 2006 by current record-holder Kakoo with a time of 33.31. His second, earned in 2001 at the Minidoka County Fair track, Rupert, Idaho, explains inclusion in our line-up despite a less-than-ap - propriate picture. The race was at 770 yards. His winning time of 39.52 stands as the current world record. As if two world records weren't impressive enough, he set 7 track records over 5 different distances between 1998 and 2001.

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